The 5 must-have items beginners need to perfect their golf game

When starting, it can be very overwhelming to the equipment and tools needs to help you on begin on the right direction. We understand that learning to play will take time and can be incredibly frustrating which can result in beginners quitting before they’ve even got started. However, golf can be an incredibly rewarding sport which will pay dividends if you persevere. While perfecting your swing is obviously vital, there are a number of other essential must-haves that can help golf beginners improve their game and progress. We’ve put together a list of the five must-have items every beginner should focus on.

1. Golf Glove

A major factor in the success of a golf swing is the grip the player has on the club. You’ll no doubt hear a barrage of often conflicting opinions on the mechanics of a golf swing, but maintaining a consistent, solid grip on the club is one of the most important things you can do. 

However, a good grip doesn’t mean that you have to hold the club as tightly as you can, which is a mistake many beginner golfers make. Using a glove can create more friction and give you better traction on the golf grip, allowing for a better grip without having to squeeze too tightly. Additionally, beginner golfers can often suffer from calluses and blisters during practice sessions, so a glove can work to protect the hand as well as improve the swing. 

Like with most areas within golf, there are many different gloves to choose from. As a beginner, a synthetic golf would work best as it is more durable and lightweight.

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2. Golf Shoes

Perhaps just as important as your grip on the club, is the position and grip of your feet on the ground. The golf swing is highly variable and will depend on the club you are using and your particular physical characteristics. 

However, regardless of what stance you need to take, it’s vital that your footing is secure and doesn’t slip when taking a shot. Golf courses can be treacherous underfoot, particularly in wet weather, so the right pair of golf shoes will give you the grip you need and allow you to perfect your swing with confidence. 

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3. Towels and Brush

As a beginners you are under the process of learning and understanding the game of golf. As you learn, you will improve your technique but at the beginning shots may be regularly miss-hit shots, or taking large divots. This can result in your clubs becoming caked in dirt and grime, which can cause damage and degradation if it is allowed to build up, but more importantly dirty golf clubs and grooves will impact your shots too. Having a towel and a cleaning brush in your bag, will allow you to quickly wipe down your clubs and remove any debris stuck in the grooves. It is also key to note that keeping your clubs well looked after can also help your resale value when you reach the time to upgrade your equipment.

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4. Home Putting Practice Mat

As you may have heard the saying “Drive for show putt for dough”. This refers to putting and acknowledges that the Putter is the most used club in the bag. By practicing your putting or improving your technique this will ultimately improve your game because it is essentially where your scores will be made or where tournaments are won or lost. By owning a home putting practice mat, you can practice your shots and technique in the comfort of your home. There are many putting accessories out there but My Golf Saver is working with WellPutt and their products are very affordable and great practice tools.

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5. Divot Tool

Golf is a game founded on the principles of respect and gentlemanly conduct. As a beginner golfer, it’s crucial that you adhere to the rules, customs, and traditions of the game, and that you treat both the course and your fellow players with respect. 

Divots are a normal part of playing golf. However, it’s important that you leave the course in good condition for the players behind you, so repairing the divots you make is something you should make a habit of. A divot tool is a handy device that can be used to repair divots quickly and effectively before you move on, ensuring you leave the green in the same condition you found it. 


Taking up golf can be an exhilarating and frustrating experience, where you can sometimes feel like you’re making incredibly progress or non at all. Having the right equipment at your disposal at the beginning is critical, not only for your overall golf game but for your golf etiquette too. Obviously your golf clubs are key to your development but we would suggest starting with only a few clubs until your feel ready to step up or keen to take up the sport more. The golf ball is also a key item to your game and read our previous blog to learn the different types and outcomes here. We hope you enjoyed this guide, the exclusive offers and keep up the great work to perfect your game.