Can golf simulators perfect your game?

Golf is famously difficult to master, and many beginners are discouraged by the steep learning curve and often spotty progress that can plague the amateur. However, with perseverance you can certainly reach an acceptable standard of play, all it takes it dedication and willingness to commit.

Modern technology is constantly working to improve our lives and make them ever more convenient. Can it help us with our golf game too? Golf simulators promise to do just that. Let’s take a look in more detail at what golf simulators are and ask whether or not they can help you perfect your game.

What are golf simulators?

Golf simulators have been around for some time, with the earliest prototypes developed as far back as the 1970s. These first iterations were rudimentary and unreliable, more of a novelty than a real practice tool.

Today, modern audio visual and motion tracking technology means golf simulators are unrecognisable when compared to their predecessors. They can offer unparalleled realism in both graphics and physics, providing a player experience that is much like they’d get from a traditional, physical golf range.

Golf simulators are fairly self-explanatory, they allow for a player to take a golf shot in an enclosed environment, hitting the ball into a net rather than down a driving range or a fairway. How can this help us perfect our game? Let’s find out.

Swing Analysis

The golf swing is a highly subjective and hotly debated topic. So many variables go into a good swing, and it is highly dependent on the unique physical characteristics of a player. This is what makes swing analysis so important, it’s how issues can be identified and addressed to improve performance. Traditionally, swing analysis would be done in person, with a trained golf instructor examining your swing in person.

With today’s advanced golf simulators, this can be done digitally and with a far greater degree of accuracy and efficiency. Using sophisticated cameras and motion sensors, golf simulators can analyse every aspect of your swing, from the backswing all the way to the follow through. You can then rewatch your swing at different speeds and from various angles, allowing you to pinpoint areas that need improvement.

What’s more, simulators can give you detailed reports on a number of different metrics, such a shot distance, trajectory, and ball speed. Given that the average pro golfer hits speeds of over 157 miles per hour, this can give you a clear indication of how far you have to go.


Golf is a game that is highly dependent on the weather. Heavy rain, high winds, or snow can make a trip to the course impossible, and in extreme conditions even the driving range could be off limits.

This can seriously hamper your progress and development as a player. Without regular, consistent practice, you could struggle to take your game to the next level. This is another incredible advantage of golf simulators; they allow you to practice and hone your game no matter the weather. What’s more, modern consumer simulators such as EXPUTT RG allow you to practice from the comfort of your living room.

Virtual Courses

Sessions at the driving range are important for practice and perfecting your swing. However, some players can find themselves bored and unsatisfied, with the monotonous nature of the range taking away some of the enjoyment of the game.

With golf simulators, you can play across a range of virtual ranges and courses, with realistic visuals instantly transporting you to the course of your dreams. This can be the perfect way to keep yourself engaged and motivated during practice sessions and can be the ideal solution if you’re finding yourself getting bored with the driving range.


If you’re looking to perfect your game and nail down a consistent swing, using a golf simulator can be an extremely effective approach and can see you quickly progress and develop as a player.