Golf Training Essentials You Need this Summer

Golf is played by millions across the world, from young to old, total beginners to all the way up to professionals. It is often viewed as a sport of leisure, which can give rise to a common misconception that it is easy.

As any golfer will tell you, the game is certainly far from easy. Even golfers who have been playing regularly for years can have inexplicable dips in form, while beginners can struggle to the point of complete distraction. It’s a game of fine margins where practice is everything. Thankfully, there are a number of different training accessories that can help you perfect your game before you hit the course this summer. We’ve listed some of them below. Read on to check them out. 

Lag Shot Golf Training Aid

A golf swing is a complex thing that differs from person to person, club to club, and from shot to shot. There are foundational principles such as stance, grip, club position, and distance that are important to be aware of, but no two golfers will swing in exactly the same way. 

Swing lag is something you’ll hear a lot of and it can be a difficult concept for the beginner to wrap their heads around. Basically, lag is the angle between the club and the left forearm on the backswing and downswing. In the ideal swing, this angle will sit at about 90 degrees, which allows you to generate more speed and more power, which will see your shots travel further. 

With the Lag Shot Golf Training Aid, you can immediately get to work on introducing more lag to your swing. The Lag Shot has a flexible, whippy shaft, which makes it much easier to achieve lag without having to think too much about it. What’s more, the Lag Shot can actually be used to hit shots out on the course, giving you instant results and feedback, which should significantly improve your game.

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GEM Golf Swing Trainer

The slice strikes fear into the heart of golfers. You might feel like you’ve caught the ball perfectly, only to see it veer wildly to the left or right and land in the trees or out of bounds.. 

Slices happen because side spin is applied to the ball, sending the ball left to right in the air for right handed golfers and right to left for left handed golfers. As with many golf issues, the cause of slicing lies in an incorrect swing, but the exact fault can vary from player to player. 

The most common cause is generally the path the club takes on the downswing. The majority of slices occur when a player ‘comes over the top’ on the downswing making the club face hit the ball with an open clubface putting side spin on the ball. 

A slice can be incredibly frustrating for players and can be a difficult habit to break out of, until now. With the GEM Golf Swing Trainer, you can stop coming over the top and hit your shots straight down the fairway. 

This device is a metal bar with a weighted ball that can be attached onto any club at a right angle. This extra weight allows you to start swinging and setting the club on the correct path, removing that horrid slice into baby draws, with greater distance and improved accuracy. 

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WellPut Stroke Master 8.2ft Putting Mat

You could be the best driver of the ball in the world, but if you can’t putt then your scores are going to suffer badly. Putting is perhaps the most important part of the game, but is also the aspect that is most often overlooked. 

Putting is a far more delicate art than driving, it’s all about balance and precision over power and strength. As with anything, putting is all about practice. However, the beauty of putting is that it can be practiced anywhere, from your back garden to your living room floor. 

WellPutt has an amazing selection of Putting Mats on offer. Starting from 3ft to 26ft all with different features, designs and goals in mind. The WellPutt Stroke Master 8.2ft mat was approved by Jordan Spieth’s coach Cameron McCormick. This mat has a built-in ramp and an integrated motion putting guide helping to master that repetitive stroke to sink more putts. In addition, the Stroke Master comes with a training book packed full of tips, drills, and exercise, as well as a dedicated app to let you track your progress. 

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After a long winter of little-to-no golf, it’s only natural to feel a little rusty. Use the above training aids to help sharpen your skills before you hit the course this summer.