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Once you have logged into your account, you will arrive at the Homepage for members. The home page will display all the current benefits, deals, discounts and promotions on offer to all My Golf Saver members. By clicking on a product or service, it will show the description and instructions to claiming this benefit. All URL links will navigate away from the members area and open additional windows but will not close the My Golf Saver members area, which you can revert back to.

You can update your profile by clicking on the “My Profile” tab. This will open the registration form, which was completed, and you’ll be able to update all the fields with new information. To confirm these changes, simply click on the save button at the bottom of the page and these changes will be made.

All My Golf Saver memberships will automatically renew on the date when the subscription ends. For all annual subscriptions, My Golf Saver will email 3 days prior to the renewal date outlining that payment will be taken for the following year’s subscription. For all monthly subscriptions, these will automatically renew on the date the membership was started and it will be down to the member to either update or change their subscription.

All subscriptions will be renewed automatically either annually or monthly. To cancel your membership, simply enter your account and click on the “My membership” tab, which will explain the steps needed to cancel your membership. Please note that only after confirming that you want to cancel your membership, will your membership finish and access to My Golf Saver will ended too. Failing to confirm that you want to cancel your membership will result in continuing to be a verified member and payment will continue to be taken as per your subscription status.

Most of the My Golf Saver benefits have an expiry date. To take advantage of these exclusive deals you’ll need to purchase the product or service during the allotted time for the discount, promotional code or deal to take effect. The benefits listed do not have a limitation to the number of times it can be used but all benefits will have a time limit to their availability.

My Golf Saver advises all members to logout of their accounts when not in use. If you would like to learn more around My Golf Saver and how we store and use data, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Yes, My Golf Saver members can upgrade from a monthly membership to an annual membership. Members can do this via my membership tab and the £49 payment for annual membership will be taken. Your details will update and move from monthly membership to annual membership. Renewals will also change and will show the new renewal date for 12 months’ time.

Yes, but only when you are in their final month of annual membership. My Golf Saver will email regarding the membership renewal and only at this time will you be able to switch from annual membership to monthly membership.

You can access your digital membership card through the memberships tab. My Golf Saver advises that all members download this and save to their mobile device as there are certain in person benefits are golf clubs which will require the membership card to be shown. If you would like to receive a physical membership card, this can be requested through the membership card tab and for £5. Please note, that all new or replacement cards cost £5 and payment will be needed prior to the card being sent.

All member benefits will be accessible via the merchant’s website. All the information provided under the product description can be used during the basket page. If any My Golf Saver members encounter any issues when using the information provided, please contact the merchant and state that you are using the exclusive My Golf Saver benefit code, discount or deal, and they will be able to assist further.

My Golf Saver merchandise will be coming soon. We remind members to keep an eye out for our newsletter which will update members to benefits coming to My Golf Saver members and membership.

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My Golf Saver is a membership subscription service which provides golfers of all levels with discounts, deals and promotions on all golf-related products or services.