“My Golf Saver – making golf more affordable for all”
My Golf Saver is a membership subscription service which provides golfers of all levels with discounts, deals and promotions on all golf-related products or services.

Paul Thurston

Founder and CEO, My Golf Saver


Paul grew up in Spain with his family and after finishing school at the age of 18 he embarked on turning his passion for golf into a career and 12 months later he turned professional. Paul spent years playing professionally, teaching and caddying for numerous professionals where he had the joys of helping players win tournaments and gain top 10 finishes.

In 2014 Paul decided to relocate back to the UK with the goal of finishing the final 18 months of the PGA. Prior to leaving Spain, Paul was involved in a car accident which damaged his back but determined to continue his golfing career he continued to relocate. Having damaged his back, he tried various methods to help him regain his form and get back to the level he was used to playing. After a 12-month battle, Paul took the tough decision to retire from his dream and the life he was used to due to injury. After retiring from golf, Paul has explored different jobs and industries but deep down knows his heart and career lies within the golf industry.

Nothing like golf

In 2020, Paul decided to create My Golf Saver following some market research for another business idea, providing golfers with discounts and promotions of all golf-related products and services to make the beloved game more affordable for all.

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